Wednesday, 31 August 2016


What we learned about magnets.

On August 29 August we learnt about magnets. I learnt what can magnets do and what all the kind of different magnets there are. One of the magnets that I learnt about was the magnet that man had not made it is called lodestone. The lodestone is one of the magnets that man had not made it can stick to anything that is metal and it is found under earth's surface.

The next magnet I learnt about was the bar magnet. The bar magnet has aNorthsidee and a south side if you have two bar magnets and you put the north side on the other north side together it will not have a strong connection together same if you put south side with side it will not work but if you put north with south it will have a really strong connection.

The other magnet I learnt was the horseshoe magnet it is called the horseshoe magnet because it looks like a horseshoe. Horseshoe magnets are made of alnico the horseshoe magnet can pick up heavy pieces because it has two magnet poles.

I have learnt a lot about magnets and they are so cool  because it can attract metal stuff.

   Image result for horseshoe magnets            Image result for bar magnets
Image result for lodestone magnet


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