Friday, 14 August 2015


WALT: find the morale of the story
SC: find the hidden purpose of a story.

Is Caitlyn her real name?
Caitlyn real name is Caitlin’s

They can’t tell people where the refuge is because it is a dangerous place to go to.
because the man tried to dragged mum and holding the baby  

There are good things about living at the refuge.
because A refuge is going to safety house

VOCABULARY - describe in your own words what these words mean.
  1. refuge: A refuge is going to safety house
  2. crowded: A guy or person that is selfish.
  3. concentrate: Someone that is on work and does the right thing.
  4. agreement: Someone that had and pormes and said ok.
  5. domestic: somthing to do with family or the house

A morale is a hidden meaning or purpose behind a story…. What is the morale of this story?

Create a PMI Chart to explain what is a plus, minus, and interesting about staying at a refuge.

It was good to stay in a refuge place because it is safe for the children.

They have to share the shower and it was an embarrassing.
It was interesting because they were sharing one room.

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