Monday, 10 August 2015

Henry the Explorer Different Ending

                    Henry the Explorer Different Ending

Henry was in the woods and then he saw bear in the trees
They started to run very very very fast Henry was screaming mum mum. Then after he found a cave Henry and Angus were very hungry and they’re stomach was rumbling
After they heard a bear noise they got scared. The bear started to run up to them, Angus started to bark very loud and the bear got scared. Then Henry and Angus went to check where the bear was. Henry got eaten because the bears big claws scratched Henry on the face and then the bear grabbed him and ate him then he did the same thing to Angus and he got eaten too. Days later mum dad and the cops found Henry and Angus and they’re skeletons, mum and dad were crying. No one knows how, what and who did it.           

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