Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Police dogs Recount

Today on Tuesday 26 of september, Constable Jude brought a police dog and two police dog handlers to glenbrae school.The police dog was named Kase and the dog handler's were named Colin and Grunt. The dog's breed is a german shepherd.

Colin the dog hadeler talked to us about tracking and how they train their dogs. There dogs go to a special school in wellington and the get kept there until it is 10 months old. When they are 10 weeks old they get flu over to Auckland and dog handlers train them.

After he explained to us about how they trained their dogs Grunt put a dog sleeve and collins let go of the dog and the dog ran after Grunt. It was cool the do dog kept it mouth on him even when Grunt was spin him around.

After that we got to pat the dog and then we went back to class it was a good experience to get up close with a German Shepherd and I had a lot Image result for german shepherd in actionof fun learning about the dog.


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