Friday, 16 June 2017


What is school? School is a place we we come to learn to get skills and to work with other people. All around the world there are schools. You start school when you are 5 then from five you become older as you become older you go thru puberty and then you learn what changes in your body.  
What happens in school? In school we learn Maths, we do Reading Writing, PB4L and topic studies. Some schools do the same thing every day some don’t. In school they have values like respect others learning property and the environment .
Why we need to go to school? We need to go to school to learn so we could get a better education. How? Well we have to come to school everyday and if we don't come to school everyday we will miss out on our learning. If you come to school everyday you get a good job more money so you could have a good future.

In conclusion this why we should come to school.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Well done for writing an introduction, two body sentences and a conclusion. You also used topic sentences (or questions) to introduce each of your paragraphs. We will keep working on sentence structure and making sure that we use three related sentences after our topic sentence. It was great to see that you mentioned that things are done differently around the world.