Thursday, 23 February 2017

My Weekend

On Sunday the 19th my three baby cousins came over. First we played on the Playstation and we all played Minecraft. We built houses and made cool stuff.

After that we watched television. We watched cartoons like Spongebob. We watch a lot of cartoons about Spongebob at home.

Then my mum told us to come outside because she built a fort for us. We played in the fort for a bit, then we played with a skipping rope which was fun.

After all of that, my Aunt, Uncle and Grandma came to pick up my cousin. We had some food and then they went home.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Alex,

    I think it was fantastic of your mum to build you all a fort - that is so much fun! It was great that you were able to create this recount in a very short amount of time. If you had longer to write it, what details could you add?